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About Staywhite AGI...

When choosing a company to work with you on your project it is important that you feel confident that you can work with that company and that they can provide the quality and competitive pricing that you are looking for.

We believe we are that company and hopefully the information throughout this website will help you decide that we are the company to work with you.

Staywhite AGI is a company with over 50 years experience in the glazing industry having undertaken a wide range of glazing projects for large multi-national companies, SMB's, Public Sector and Charities in London, Kent & Sussex.

In choosing Staywhite AGI that experience can be made to work for you in helping you achieve the best solution for your glazing project.

We have a team of highly experienced installers (who between them have over 100 years of on-site experience) who have worked on everything from domestic premises, schools, hospitals, railway stations, office buildings, shops and other retail & commercial premises.

All our staff have been CRB checked and carry company ID at all times on site.

We care about our clients and like to forge close working ties with them to ensure that the project runs smoothly. To that end you will deal with one person throughout the project - not a different person each time you call.

During a project problems can arise, we believe it's in these occassions that you can best judge a company by how it responds to those problems. Quite simply we find a solution quickly agree it with you and implement it. The person you deal with on your project deals with all aspects of the project and if there is a problem they work with you to resolve it. Importantly for you they do not then have to get other managers to agree to the solution before work can continue. A process that in some other companies can take several days all of which delays your project.

Simply Staywhite AGI's advantage is that we can respond quickly to the clients needs and the needs of the project. Can others offer you the same?

If you are interested in using Staywhite AGI for your glazing project then please give us a call on 01634 844915 and ask to speak to either Brian Feist or Dave Yard.

We look forward to hearing from you.